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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 23, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. 6:00 on this saturday morning. here's what we're following for you. specia counsel robertueller submitted his report into russia's possible interference into the 2016 presidential election. we're going to break down what happens next. rn new this ing, police trying to figure out who shot a man in rifield. and traffic alert. part of the gw parkway closed because of this massive sinkhole here. what a pain. we'll tell you what area to avoid. good morning and welcome in on this saturday. i'm adam tuss in for david. it's march 23rd, 2019. what kind of day do we have on
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tap? well, ref meteorologist lauryn ricketts here. >> it's going to be on the blustery side out there today even thoughemperatures are going to be in the low 50s. but again, we are looking at some breezyconditions. now, yesterday, super interesting. we had t graupel, had some hail, had some snow in portion of o area. let's take a look outside right now. the sun coming up just in a little over an hour from now. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise out there. it's going to gorgeous as we fm in through the day today. yon-at ca'sexpecu wrru ently.t yo n temperatures at 38 degrees. o it is a little chilly out ther expect those winds. those winds will be with us throughout the day today and could be brisk at times. current windchills in the 20s, even in the teens in the shenandoah it's going to be a little on the brisk side, little t on blustery side. but we also have rain ahead.
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we'll let you know when. that's coming up. >> all right. check back with you in a bit. the wait is over. after almost two years, special counsel robt mueller's russia investigation is done with no new indictments. his reports in the hands of attorney general william barr. but it's already setting off a new battle how much of it is going to become public. blayne alexander begins our coverage this terning. >> rep with special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation now over, the new questions what is inside that report and how much will attorney general william barr release? >> itay be there will be particular aspects of the reporn that become public because they're classified or touch on other national security >> reporter: barr promising transparency telling congress he may be able to brief them as early ashis weekend on principle conclusions. but that's not enough for top democrats. >> i thinkfhe demand the public is overwhelming to see
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the report when it's on such a serious matter and it will bede public. >> if the justice department doesn't release the whole report or tries to keep parts secret, we will subpoena parts of the report and reserve the right to call mueller or to testify before the committee. >> reporter: mueller' investigation has led to indictments of 34 people including 6 with direct ties to president trump. but no charges alleging coordination between russian officials and the trump campaign. before its prelease,sident trump again taking a swipe at mueller's investigation. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's b all a hoax. >> reporter: president trump's attorneys writing in a statement they areleased the report has been turned over. blaiyne alexander, nbc news, washin aon. sin of this is unfolding in our back yard, a lot of lawmakers are weighing in on the counsel report.
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we spoke to senator chrisan hollen last night. >> this has been an investigation into fundamental issues about russian interference in our elections d questions about whether or not there were obstructions of justice.ta thayers have paid for this report and deserve to read it in full. >> as a result of the investigation, there have been sevel indictments wit few having direct ties to president trump. let's break down a timeline for you here. 2017, paul manafort was indicted. in february 2018, muellered indiussian nationals for interfering with the 2016 election. in april the fbi raided the home and office of micha cohen. and earlier this month, manafort was sentenced to about 7 1/2 years for a variety of crimes including conspiracy and fraud.e and of coou're going to want to keep it here on news4 for continuing coverage of the special counsel report.
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again, it is possible the attorney general could give congress details as soon as this weekend. for all the up to the minute information, be sure to inen the nbc waon app. time right now is 6:05. new this morning, a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot in fairfax county. police were called to the brookfield plaza last night. they found one man wounded with serious injurine. this happe in the parking lot at that plaza where several people were nearby. police do tell us no arrests have been made so far. we are staying on top of this and are going to post the latest in our nbc washington app. thisareek one year since the great mills high school shooting. last night a group came together to honor j arkjaelynn willeyr:
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>> reporte candle light vigil to remember jaelynn willey. >> just toee us all come together. >> reporter: gavin loudoun a the great mills high school community are hearroken. >> it feels like the pain you have to wake up to every morning. >> reporter: it was about a year ago when police say jaelynn'sho ex-boyfriend her in the hallway at school. another student desmond barnes was hit in the leg but managed to make his way into a classroom and called 911. >> i wish i could have been there and done something. i think everybody thinks the same >> reporter: school resource officer blaine gaskill shot rollins' gun. he then took his own life. >> it's an alternate reality we canever go back to and change. for somee ve a diminished
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sense of security and innocence. >> reporter: but some people tell me the community is strong, resilient, and close. >> just being able to look at a each othnd know that there's love. >> it does not mean that her light goes out. >> reporter: jaelynn leaves behind a mother,th , and eight siblings. people in this community behind me tell me they wil continue to keep the family in their prayers. shomari stone, news4. > well,vile. that's what the charlottesville police chief is calng onli threats made against african-american and hispanic students at a high school.le a 17-year-old now faces felony charges. without saying president trump's name, yesterday the police chief referenced comments he made in the wake of deadly protests iy the cck in 2017. >> hate is not i welcomed charlottesville. iolence is not welcomed in charlottesville.
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intolerance is not welcomed in charlottesville. d in charlottesville and around the globe, we stand firmly in stating there are not very finle on both sides of this issue. >> now, these threatsd surfa wednesday. police closed charlottesville's nine public sools thursday and yesterday. the school sysm says it will be reopened on monday. back here in our area, you're going to want to avoid the gw parkway this entire weekend. part of that road still closedu beof a massive sinkhole we've been telling you about. chopper 4 flying over the scene yesterday. the park service says no traffic is being allowed in the route und lanes betwe 23 and the beltway. that sinkhole is believed to be about 10 feet deep, 30 feet long. it caused serious damage yesterday morning. luckily that driver is okay. and the roadro had pems even before this sinkhole. >> it's been a total nightmare. totalnightmare. the whole road is pothole
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plagued. >> the park service says the sinkhole was likely caused by a damaged storm water drain pipe. it will remain closed through the weekend. i just a couplf days, the caps plan to visit the white house to celebrate their stanley p victory. but star goalie braden holtby will not be joining them to meet with president hetrump. told reporters yesterday he's oosing not to go, to stayrue his values. he went on to say his support of the lgbtq community was one of the factors in his decision. smith-pelly and connolly have also rejected an invitation to the white house. siltby says he respects other players who are ch to go. >> i think our e'team, trying to take the most professional way we every player the right to choose and stand by each and every one of us. regardless of what you decide. >> caps players t.j. oshie and
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cars carlson said they will go on monday. time now is 6:09 on this saturday morning. still ahead on news4 today, a community in alexandria comes together to remember an officer killed in the line of duty. we're going to show you how they are honoring his memory. are honoring his memory.
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welcomback. a lot of raking,, mulchi planning, and painting at the spring hill cleaning. the parks named for an officer killed 30 years ago. hill is part of the family. even though they dn't know him personally. some others retired helped.
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hill was killed on hopkins court. a susct holding a man at gun point. even though a sniper hit the suspect in the hear he managed to fire off a few rounds before he died. hill wasno killed, ather officer injured. he'd been on the alexandria force for 13 yeane and of his sons who was just 7 when he lost his dad is now one of andria's finest good for him. thousands of cans of food are headed to foodantry shelves in louden county. take a loo here. the students competed in an annual competition creating projts from canned goods. this year's theme was buildings and landmarks. the golden gatebridge wa, alcatraz, and lumtir street cr. won. >> it's cool to contribute to louden hunger relief. not only do they gived the f
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to people locally, they keep it year round. >> they donated 2,000 ritems. i'lly pleased with this. >> so the timing couldn't be better for this community and for the competition because a lot of people think about donating in the fall and the holidays. but they don't think as much about donating in the spring and summer and our demand isy certaihe same during that time frame if not more when kids are out of school. >> thi is the fifth year of the competition there. pretty cool. look at that. taking a look outside right now,as lauryn ricketts h our saturday forecast coming up after the break. could start to warm up a bit. plus, it is time to celebrate the gift of the trees. the cherry blossom cfestival, you believe it, bins today. we're going to look at some of when you're confident
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most pills only block one. flonase. welcome back. there's a beer battle brewing in court. and it's over a controversial ad you first saw during the super bowl. miller coors is suing anheuser-busch over this ad campaign. the lawsuit says the commercial deceives consumers making them think that miller lite and coors light is brewed with high fructose corn syrup. none of it remains in the final
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product. anheuser bur-busch stands by th ads. they bring transparency about what's in beer tt people drink. potential bad news for cherry blossom i trees the district. oh, no. a beaver was spotted in southwest. this is the beaver seen in the washington channel. so far he has received the name justin beaver. this is a serio issue. a family of beaver gnawed on "the egrees according t washington post." so the beavers can bebl a p, you know, become an issue. speaking of cherry blossom trees, hapning day. the cherry blossom festival is getting started here. you can see japanesrm pers and live music. the fun begins at 5:00 at the warner theater in northwest. sorry about that. i just don't know why i think
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it's so funny. >> got to get those beavers out of here. >> do we not hav someone to take care of the beavers? >> i don't know. >> i justd don't underst -- like, the -- 15 years i'veived here, i've never heard of this issue. have you? >> never, ever, ever. >> justin beaver. >> did you name him? >> no. >> shocker. >> apparently a lot of other people did. but listen. the important thing here isit tt s spring. >> it is. finally. >> there are some buds on the trees. >> we had snow diyesterday. you see that? >> no. i saw the graupel. >> higher elevations in blue ridge valley, they had s the ground. >> i wasn't there. >> hopefully you were working on that pothole. >> i was, was o the gw. >> listen. we've got morerain, unfortunately. we're going to have to deal with more potholes as we get into this spring season. listen, we've got more rain on monday. at's not going to do well for the roadways. maybe do well for the crry
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ossoms. a lot of people have been asking me about the winds and the cherry blossoms. they're not at that stage yet. it's not going to do damage quite yet. beautiful conditions out there. that sunrise is going to be gorgeous. 're going to have cle skies as the sun comes up about an ngur from now. today you're g to need that windbreaker. we've got some blustery conditions. tomorrow is the pick of the weekend. although both days will be pretty. we'll get into your monday and then we're looking at rain showers coming our way. and then by tuesday, you need a winter jacket. don't put it away quite yet. temperatures right now in the upper 30s. look a this. those temperatures move slowly through the 30s this morning. if you've got running events,i b know there's a lot going on out there. but temperatures bim the we head into the mid-morning are in the low to s.d-40 we'll top out in the 50s. again with plenty of but we're going to have wind gusts up to about 30 miles an
6:21 am
hour throughout the day. windchills are going to be in the 20s and teens right now. improving a little bit throughout the day. but look at our wind gusts. yeah. so you walk outside this morning, this is what you're going to be dealing with. again, a lot of res going on this morning. so definitely layers out there. as far as our radar is concerned, nothing happening. now, widened this out a little bit. this is what's coming our way for tomorrow into monday. temperatures are going to be in the low 60s for tomorrow increasing clouds and a light wind. and i do want to show you extly what we're looking at for rain. so most of your sunday going to be dry. t increasing clouds. could see a few showers after 8:00. then weeould have m rain into your monday. looks like showers throughout the day on monday. we're going tohow you the ten-day forecast in just a little bit. >> thank you very much. hey, are you feeling lucky? tonight ps theower ball drawing and the jackpot keeps greoing. we say pe are scooping up
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some much needed medical helpons he way to mozambique today. more than a thousand people are ared dead after a cyclone struck the coastal african nation last week. only on news4, our cory smith introduces us to one maryland doctor preparing to leave the o comf his private practice behind to help complete strangers. >> reporter: as a pediatrician, he's spent the last four decades giving his time and care to the s.most vulnerable of patie >> i grew up in brazil where you see a lot of need, you know, a lot of needy people. it gives me purpose and connection with really incredible people. >> reporter: hr. g ase's known to his patients will leave the comfort of his medical practice
6:26 am
for mozambique. >>ro they saidspace it looks like an ocean inland. >> reporter: the land has been swallowed by water. a deadly cyclone left a wave of destruction. >> what i immediately thought about was haiti. >> reporter: the doctor will work with project hope to provide medical care as rescue efforts continue. just as he d following hurricanes maria, harvey, and florence. >> you realize how small your problems can be. if it's holding hands to moving furniture to suturing to do emergency care, i'm there for them. >> reporter: b ause that's what givers do. and yet after each trip into a disaster zone and seeing the faces of people in their darkest hour, dr. g comes awli f like he's the one that's been given so much. >> it isery gratifying to see that. keeps me going.
6:27 am
gives me the strength to keep doing it. >> ll, he says he was also called to help because of his language skills given that portugueses the dominant language in mozambique. good for him. all right. let's take ather look tside. open up the window as the flag flaps in the breeze outside union station. 38 degrees on this saturday morning. not a bad start. lauryn's going toell us how warm we're going to get today when we comeback. when we comeback. st ic
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6:30 on thirday morning. here's what we're following for you. robert mueller turned his rep into russia's possibleer interfce in the 2016 presidential election. we are following the latest ts developm more people are coming forward saying they were victims of a suspected serial rapist. we'll tell you about that. and march madness is here, of course. we're going to take a look at the local teams that are still dancing in the big tournament. good saturday morning. thank you for being here with me. i am adam tuss in for david this morng. want to check in with lauryn ricketts who's alsoe herwith us because she says we're going to get warm. it's just not going to be today. >> it's not today.
6:31 am
speaking of bracket, how's your bracket doing? >> i got to beho st, i haven't looked at all. >> that's so funny. >> i haven't paidttention at all. >> i thought that was the first thing you were going to a i me becausaven't looked at all either. we'll talk about it after the show. then you guys can join us back here at about 9:00 for the answers. all right. let's go ahead and talk about what's going on out tre toda because it's not a lot. we've got the windy conditions. we got a lot of stuff going on yesterday. a lot of interesting stuff. but it's going to be pretty quie out there today. beautiful sunrise happening right now. we're going to see this sun come up just at about 7:20 and it's going to be perfect becauwe e got clear skies out there. currently those temperatures are in the upper 30s. it is a little on the chilly de. this is a sustained wind at 15 miles an hour. we're seein gusts up to 30 miles an hour. throughout the day, temperatures rising lowo mid-50s. but expect plenty of sunshine. but expect that wind throughout the day. we'll talk about rain chances ten-day you that
6:32 am
forecast coming up. >> you can be sure both of our brackets are in shambles. >> speak for yourself. >> okay. thanks, lauryn. meantime, our coverage of the completion of the special counsel's report continues this morning. that report is now in the hands of attorney general william barr. it was submitted yesterday by robert mueller. here's what we know right now. no details from the mueller report has been released just yet. he special counsel's office won't be filing any more indictments. we do know that. rudy giuliani says th are knock seeking an early look at the findings and barr's lettere to cononal committees says he may advisehem on the report as soon as this weekend. sarah sanders says they have not been briefed on that report. as expected, there is some fierce political reaction coming in thimorning because of t report. lawmakers on both sides want the attorney general tore ase as much information as possible to congress and the american people. democrats running for president
6:33 am
are the ones calling the loudest for the full report to be released >> that report needs to be made public. the underlying evidence that supports that report should be made public. and the white house should not be aowed to interfere in any way in interpreting orhe presentingnformation to the american people. >> it is absolutely imperative that the trump administration makepu that reporic as soon as possible. >> well, again, the justice department could release some of the details this weekend. supporters of president trump are taking a victory lap because so far no one has been indicted for colluding with russia and mueller's team recommends no further indictments remlated to hisn.investigat as chuck todd explained at 6:00, indictments could come from other authorities. >> the possible there could be
6:34 am
indictments based on the work he's done. from more indictmen him. and there appears to be no new sealed indictments. but that doesn't mean there isn't old indictmts that may get unsealed somewhere else. the u.s. attorney isli ha. they have a bunch of these. of virginn district has been handling some of paul manafort and juliane. assa there are pieces of it already in the system. >> indtments could also come from probes launched by congressional democrats. that's all coming up on an exciting "meet the press." more people are comingin forward s they were victims of a suspected serial rapist. julian everes accused of at least three rapes over the last 14 years. prince georges county chief was in crt yesterday when everett had a bond hearing. >> reporter: julian everett will
6:35 am
stay behind bars on rape charges after a judge agreed he was a threat to the community. he's accused of raping at least 3 years in the last 14 years. >> he looks forward to clearing his name after a trial in this case. >> reporter: police said ab anonymous letter prompted an investigation iluding dna evidence. it was revealed in 2001 he was convicted of an armed kidnapping connected to a sex assault in d.c. in 2005 he was cvicted of a sex assault in virginia. and now he's accused of rapes in 15 and 2016. >> we believe based on information we received from the police department that it was important for this person to be held without bond and we are satisfied the judge did so. >> reporter: police say everett who owns the signature barbershop in d.c. would pose as a younger man on social media luringwo younger women and in two cases howard university student zblps this would lead to a date. during the course of that date ld offer them a beverage
6:36 am
to drink. they would do so. >> reporr: police say everett would then sexual assault the women. it was vealed that calls from ew potential victims have be coming in on the tip line police set up exclusively for this case. >> after a trial in this case, omwe're notnting any further. >> reporter: prince george's county police still wan to hear from potential victims on how to contact them. go toas our nbcngton app or our website. again, they have an exclusive tip line set up just for this case. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. in virginia, it looks likei some could be heading back to class earlier in the olll. sc districts will be able to decide if they want to start before labor day. a new law changes the current waiver allowing them to start as much as two weeks earlier. as long as labor day is a -d fo weekend. that's the stipulation there. schools have started after thei holidays the 1980s in part because of lobbying from groups
6:37 am
like kings dominion. the groups say teenagers being to work during the summer is a benefit. march madness takes us to south carolina now. the university of virginia basketball team made the wrong kias of history season when they became the first one seed to lose to a 16 seededteam. and at the beginning of last night's game, looked like history might repeat itself. but thers cavalie taking on gardner-webb ther uva was down by 14 at one point in the first half. ect in the sond half, virginia ts able save the season and a comeback with a cruising 15-point win here. good for thth. tcavs won't get much rest. they are set take on ninth seeded oklahoma tomorrow for a spot in the sweet 16. in a few hours, the terps will play aor spot. they take on third ranked lsu. then sunday virginia tech and liberty will face off. the winner there likely will end
6:38 am
up facing duke in the next round. not an easy matchup. if you can't catch the game, tune in all weekend for a recap of all the action. we've got you covere right now, time is 6:38 on this saturday morning. ill ahead on news4 today, buying organic or conventional frts and
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welcome back. t you are headed out to do some grocery shoppins morning, take a listen to this. the environmental working group is out with its annual dirty dozen and clean 15 lists. the dirty dozen features produce which has the most pesticide residue according to the advocacy group. strawberries top the list followed by spinach and kale. nectarines and apples rounded out the top five. produce with the least pesticide include avocado, corn
6:41 am
pineapple, peas, and onions. the u.s.onventional produce is safe and 99% of samples have pesticide levels way below the benchmarks that are set by the government. take another look outside as we open up the window. look at the national cathedral. and the sun is starting to come out this morning. 38 degrees. but lauryn says it will start to warm up gradually. we'll check
6:42 am
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the "today" show coming up next on nbc4. let's get an update. what's g ng on,guys? >> good morning. coming up on this saturday morning, it's a busy ese. the l from the capitol and beyond after robert mueller's team has finished its investigation on whether russia interfered in the 2016 election. will it clears the president he's been saying all along? and will the fl report be made public? live team coverage. also w roseanne barr is attacking a former costar. and the big move he's taking off the court to help his communy. >>e's like 7' with the hair. sheinelle is -- >> i'm 4'11"-plus.
6:45 am
>> did you try to dunk on him? >> absolutely. you'll see. >> she dunked on him when he held her up.ou see later. >> that would work. all right. thanks, guys. have a good day. according to the fbi, in fecent years roughly 40% homicides in this country have gone unsolved. in baltimore, the 1996 murder of nowung college student i back on the front burner. nbc's lester holt shares how one woman took inspiration from hollywood to try and find her twin sister's killer. >> reporter: the sign above as baltimore's p highway is hard to miss. find my killer the face belongs to jenny curerri's sister. >> we were separable. >> reporter: jenny has posted three billboards 23 years after the unsolved murder of her sister just outsi
6:46 am
sister. >> i just thought it was brilliant. and i thought i'm going to do this. >> why did you put up these billboards? >> my daughter angela was murdered. >> reporter: in the film, a mother places billboards to shame police for not solving the murder. it created a adversary relationship between the mom and the police. are you worried about that? >> i just quantity to find her killer. reporter: jenny also put pressure on authorities. a few years ago she unsuccessfully sued to try to foree balti county police to relief evidence in the case. hat is known is that jody had driven to this parking lot after a late evening at a local r. t doesn't make sense. the whole night was very out of character for her. she was terrified of everything. she wa actually afraid tive in baltimore. >> reporter: witnesses reported a man in a white bmw like this one approach jody's car and spoke to her. >> at tha poin a suspect pulled out a handgun, shot one
6:47 am
time at her direction. >> reporter: gravley wounded, jody managed to drive across the street. the shooter tollowinging something from jody's car as she died. >> i think the key to thishahole thing ishe wanted in that car. >> reporter: her sister convinced cold case investigator cheryl mccollum to get involved. >> you've got to talk to those e witn maybe they told you everything. maybe they didn't. maybe you haven't talked to everybody who knew something. that's why her billboard i so critical of this whole thing. >> reporter: lose jody, jenny says, has been like losing part of herself. >> i just feel part of me was sipped away and the other part of me going to find out what happened. >> reporter: as for the billboards, so far police say they've produced no solid tips. unlike the movie, jenny hopes her search will bring full closure. you live with the hope that someone's going to drive by, see that, and there is gng to be a phone call some day. >> yes. >> reporter: and it's going to
6:48 am
be the one. >> yes. absolutely. it's like i'm already creating my next billboard. well, what a difference a day makes. check out this scene in tysons. well, this loo o like hail snow on the wind cheeshieldndsh. it's actually graupel. a cnation of snow and ice al known as snow pellets. why don't we jpet say snow ets? and thier was ano video sent from one of our viewers yesterday. al of this coming down in falls church. an unusual event for many people. i was stuck in that around 4:00 yesterday. there was thunder and lightning. >> i was going to work out and looked at my phone and got a severe thunderstorm warning and was like, that's not right. then i looked th them flying ugh. about 4:00 it started hailing and snowing. it snowon instagram, is or hail or both? and i had to a delete it because
6:49 am
i was like maybe it's graupel. it had to be official. >> aka, snow pellets. >> but it's crazy. i mean, everything was white yesterday one it came through. look at this sunrise behind me. >> beautil. purple haze. >> it's gorgeous. little jimi hendrix. it is going to be a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine o g there as there u the day today. and we are looking at some windy conditions. and we've got that wind out there right now. sun coming up just after 7:00 this morning, those temperatures are starting in the 20s and 30s. we'll warm uhe into low 50s. going to be a rather nice day out there. look at the temperatures out there right no so it is a little chilly. you factor in the winds blowing at about 30 miles an hour. then we're getting this windch ul. comi out of the teens in the shenandoah valley. a little on ohe cold side there. we will continue to see some breezy and chilly conditions out
6:50 am
there. temperatures will top out in the w to mid-50s today. ur weekend tlook, if you're headed out for gardening, good weekend to go ahead aay down that mulch. now, it will be a little breezy, but any road races, i know they're getting underway right now. bring layers. if you're headed out for march madness, watching some football -- football. football. because i'm always talking about football. outside?ching but listen. there's a lot of bars that have outside aread eople b-bop around. again, it's going to be windy out there if you're going out r march madness. i'm stretching here because there's not much to talk about today. low to mid-50s out there for daytime highs today. listen, we've got witness stands gusting up to 30 miles an hour. our next systemwen the m is going to take its time getting here coming in for sunday night into mon so expect a few rain showers. withncreasing clouds and a
6:51 am
much lighter wind. tomorrow the pick of the weekend only because we're not have that wind out there. but we will have clouds moving in late tomorrow afternoon. possible few showers after 8:00 p.m. then expect showers through the day on monday. nothing like we saw yesterday. everything will be light on ay mo temperatures mid-50s today. low 60s tomorrow. we're back in the 50s on monday. but look how we drop as we get into tuesday and wednesday. pretty quiet this week. next chance of rain, maybe a few thunderstorms next sunday. thunderstorms next sunday. tre news on you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
6:52 am
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welcome back. there's a new plan in prince george's county to make a dangerous stretch of road safer. elected leaders are cling the niche finitiative driving it ho. they want to raise awareness t abou potential hazards while cruising on indian head highway. our darcy spencer has more. >> reporter: indian head highway is notoriously dangerous. it's been the site of devasta devastating crashes over the years taking dozens of lives, some of them small children. >> the traffic isnd too much i can't be bothered with going up and down that road. >> reporter: there a speed camera, signs, and warnings. but what will it take to mthe road safer? elected leaders says there needs to be a change.
6:55 am
>> the rd doesn't do it. it's people's decisions when they're on the road. a reporter: they spearheaded new initiative called driving it home. it stresses seat belt use, texting, distractions, drunk driving, highway speed, and gressive driving. >> enforcement is not the answer. it's a piece, but it's not the answer. we alleed to put our phones down. we all need to slo. >> we cannot effectively do our jobs without you. you see someone texting, swerving all over the road, sleeping, speeding excessively, call us. let us check it out, please. >> reporter: they're starting in the schoore where teens taking a safety pledge to follow the rules. >> i know that when i am driving, i am not just responsible for myself but for others in the car with me and everyone else on the road.or t rr: drivers we spoke agree that improving highway safety is in the hands of those beened the wheel. >> they should address it. i'm glad they're looki
6:56 am >> if you're thinking about your family and everything that's going on that you want to come home to your family, you'll pay attention to what you'r doing. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> to promote sety, officers have increased police patrols in an effort to get drivers to slow down there. it is a dangerous stretch. time right n is6:56. here are the four things you need to know on this saturday morning. thening ceremony to the cherry blossom festival is today. you can see japanese performers 5:00 ve music tonight at at the warner theater in northwest. park service says part of the gw parkway is closed. et tffic allowed in the northbound lanesen the beltway. that closure expected to last through the weekend. a md was rus to the hospital after being shot in fairfax county. police say it i happened a parking lot at the brookfield plaza late last night. no arrests have been made. and the special counsel report is in the hands of the
6:57 am
attorney general. we'll have continuing coverage. that is comingxt up man, those winds, lauryn. >> yeah. it's a little windy out we're going to continue to see gusts up to 30 miles an hour throughout the day but plenty of sunshine today. no rain, no graupel, no snow no sleet. >> snow pellets. >> yeah. that'sgone. we do have some showers on monday. and then another chance of storms next sunday. so it's a pretty quiet work week, adam. pretty quiet weekend except for the winds today. >> i will take the 7s that are on the forecast. >> nextweekend. you wouldn't accb t from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonasfeallergy relief is dnt. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one.
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and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything.
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good morning. breaking news, what did mueller find. a day after special counsel robert mueller handed in his final report about whether anyone in the campaign helped russia interfere in the 2016 election, this morningti ancipation is building about what is in it, what does it say about the prest who declared before it was released that he would be exonerated. >> there was no collusion, no obstruction, everybody knows it. it is allig a boax. >> attorney general william barh sayi could believe lawmakers about the conclusions as early as this weekenmo ats arguing the full report should bere ased. republicans more edmeas all this with new questions swirling. do no more indictments mean no collusion? will other


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